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Choose from our selection of add-ons to put the cherry on top of your weekend experience and bring your stagette to the next level!

Dinner Packages

Las Vegas is a world renowned culinary destination, choose your craving and we'll show you where to go for some amazing food!

Pool Parties

Not all the fun in Vegas is in the nightclubs, of course there's dayclubs too! Drinks, DJ's, pools and hot weather! What else would a girl want?

Do you need something else in Las Vegas that you dont see here? Let us know and we'll help you!

Pole Dancing Lessons

Everyday you learn something new! This is also true for when you are in Vegas celebrating your stagette! Except for this one lesson you dont need to take notes you just need to have a blast!

Matching Outfits

Theme dresses? Matching bikinis? this will give that extra boost to your party and your girls will love it, choose from the themes we offer or tell us what you would like to wear!

Alcohol Delivery

We don't forget about any of the detials! Do you want champagne, wine or liquor delivered to your hotel once you check in? We'll make it happen.

Professional Photographer

You'll look gorgeous and so will your girlfriends! Capture the best moments of your stagette before you head out for the night with our photographer

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