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GLOW stagette

$125.00 USD per person based on 6 person group

Itinerary Highlights:

-Premium Pool Party

-Matching t-shirts or bikinis

-Dinner Reservations

-Limo ride with Champagne

-Male Entertainment Show

-Premium Nightclub

 -Stagette group games & bride's treasure hunt

Our GLOW Stagette package will give you all our favorites of Las Vegas all in one amazing day!

We'll start with you working on your tan with your girls at one of the hottest pool parties on the strip in matching bathing suits to show you guys are there to party!

​After a couple of warm-up drinks you will head back to get ready for the night. After dinner you will take a limo ride so you have some time to catch up with your girlfriends on the day events over a bottle of champagne! What's next?! Get ready for the night most fun male entertainment show on the stripto get you and your girls ready for the night!

We'll end your night at our very own favorite club in Vegas where you can really enjoy what this city is all about, dance until you drop, join in on the casino fun, and get spoiled with your favorite drinks from your besties.

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