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GOLD stagette

$235.00 USD per person based on 6 person group

Itinerary Highlights:

-Pole dancing class

-1 hr Limo Ride: Hummer up to 14 girls

-Ride the High Roller at night with Open Bar

-Male Strip Premium show
-Premium nightclub

-30 min photography session

-Pool Party

-Alcohol delivery to your hotel room
-Outfits for the night: Club dresses

-Outfits for the day: bikinis or shirts

-Bachelorette party accessories

-Stagette group games & bride's treasure hunt

The GOLD Stagette is our signature offering, this Vegas party will have you checking all your boxes, and it will for certain be a celebration that no guest will ever forget! However, all the details will have to stay in Vegas...

Your experience will start once you arrive at one of Vegas' top tier hotels with your ladies. There you will enjoy the view of the strip and the great location close to all the action.


Your multi-day party will be filled with excitement as you go from pool party, to hopping night clubs, dinners in some amazing restaurants and drinks to celebrate in your custom stagette ready outfits!

Don't forget to smile! Partying in the limo and selfies with your most special ladies will be some of your favorites!

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